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Welcome to NCW Olden Times an online archive dedicated to telling the story of Newcastle West in Co. Limerick in words, photos and videos from the town’s proud history.

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NCW V Monagea – 1997

West Junior A Hurling Final. Filmed by George Daly PART 1 - Pre Match Build-up https://youtu.be/n032wYclzC0 PART 2 - 1st half https://youtu.be/5CVkHKmBDWU PART 3 - 2nd half https://youtu.be/rn80REPGCSw

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Memories Of The Past – Episode 425 (Part 1)

Part 1 of some videos from around the early 1960's. Very little information is known on them so maybe some people might recognise the locations in Ireland and America and/or some of the people in them. #TripBackInTime https://youtu.be/cpBghyVpQEU

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