Memories Of The Past – Episode 250

Presentation to members of NCW AFC 1948 & 1973 teams. Held at the Courtenay Lodge Hotel in 1998 to mark the Golden Jubilee of NCW AFC's founding. Filmed by George Daly https://youtu.be/2l1PAWu2q-c

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Memories Of The Past – Episode 115

The early days of NCW Rovers FC https://youtu.be/gX7X2BEy_RM https://youtu.be/lNIk5Sf7Pzo https://youtu.be/cG191MEDOWU https://youtu.be/nTObFuefk48 https://youtu.be/nVkmQDIl4_s https://youtu.be/g9_dpn1hvCs https://youtu.be/lnPP8fllBX8

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